Hi, my name is
Rico Balakit.

I am a student from Texas A&M University
majoring in Computer Engineering, seeking a fulltime career position after my graduation in December 2016.

I'd like to show you some of my projects and experience.

My email address is rico@balak.it
I also have a resume and a GitHub.


Automated Vinyl Turntablism. Featured on DJ TechTools.

CAD Designed & 3D Printed

Modeled in SolidWorks. Designed to fit on existing turntables and DJ mixers. 3D Printed with help from Yasushi Mizuno with the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Powered by Arduino and C++

Utilizes 3 Servo motors and an Arduino Mega. Recieves real-time MIDI data from a laptop running Native Instruments' Traktor (live DJ performance software).

Check out the code on GitHub.

DJ MIDI Display

Abstract realtime deck information unit

CAD Designed & 3D Printed

Modeled in SolidWorks. Utilizes modular design and is hot-swappable between 2-deck and 4-deck configurations. 3D Printed with help from Yasushi Mizuno with the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Powered by Arduino and C++

Utilizes Neopixel RGB LED Displays and an array of switches. Recieves real-time MIDI data from a laptop running Native Instruments' Traktor (live DJ performance software).

Check out the code on GitHub.

Twitter Media Promotion Bots

Delivering engaging media retrieved from community databases and feeds. I've created a modular system of media promotion bots which connects followers on Twitter directly to artists and content creators by sharing visual and audio media.


Twitter Followers and counting...

Coded in Python 2.7

Utilizes Twitter, Reddit, and Danbooru APIs as well as MySQL Databases. Uses page-scraping algorithms to try to find the original sources of media it promotes in order to give proper credit and increase the follower numbers for the content creators. Features added over time in response to suggestions and feedback from the thousands of followers the bots have.

Check out the code on GitHub.

Automated Music Discovery and Archival Tool

The perfect tool to stay on top of the latest music releases. To keep up with today's everchanging music scenes and the transient nature of music on the internet, I've created a track discovery and archival tool to acquire new music (legally) before it disappears.


Tracks Discovered


Free (Legitimate) Download Links Found


Albums and Track Purchase Links Found

Coded in Python 3.4

Utilizes the Soundcloud, Discord, Dropbox, and Google APIs as well as MySQL for information storage and ffmpeg for media conversion.

Check out the code on GitHub.


Music from Far Away.

A music community focused on promoting up-and-coming talent from the Asian electronic music scenes with live audio and video music streams, positive journalism, and engaging social media. I am a co-founder and administrator of this community which started in the Spring of 2015.

Graphic Design and Branding Guide

As the Branding Lead for ToukuFM, I have designed the logo and mascot as well as chosen the colour scheme and typefaces. I have also developed a standard branding kit for our station.


Built on the Laravel PHP framework. Project lead by Dave Alteran with three contributers. Utilizes Git version control and Gitlab for project management.

Automated Social Media and Listener Tools

Utilizes the Twitter, Facebook, and Discord APIs as well as MySQL for information storage. Alerts listeners of live shows airing and notifies them of new episode and track releases. Automating the social media promotion of our news and reviews. Allows staff to easily and safely self-promote their media. Utilizes audience analytics to optimize the scheduling of social media posts.

Work Experience

Southwest Research Institute

September 2010 - April 2011
Designed and modeled robot parts in Solidworks. Assisted in the assembly and testing of some robot arms. Programmed demonstration routines for robot arms.


Network Engineer Intern
Summer 2014
Developed and tested intelligent telephone routes connecting USAA members to service representatives.

Texas A&M University

Division of Student Affairs
Department of IT
Student Technician, Photographer, & Graphic Designer
May 2013 - May 2015
Designed and edited graphics for various department and organization websites within the Division of Student Affairs. Took event and interview portrait photos. Designed mockups for various websites and assisted in the development of websites.

Skills & Knowledge

Languages & Technologies

Python, C++, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Bash

APIs, Interfaces, & Protocols

Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Google Maps, Google Drive, SoundCloud, Mediafire, DropBox, Reddit, MIDI, RTMP, HTTP, USB


Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Solidworks, Inventor, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office

Operating Systems

Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/Linux


Arduino, PSoC, Raspberry Pi

Other Skills

Experience with costume/armor design. Freelance Writing, Graphic Design, and Photography.


Texas A&M University

Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering
Graduating December 2016


Computer Graphics, Computer Systems Design, Ethics & Engineering, Research (AggiE-Challenge), Microcomputer Systems, Electronics, Artifical Intelligence, Digitally Integrated Circuit Design, Database Systems, Materials Science, Robotics & Spatial Intelligence, Signals & Systems, Quantum Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Programming Studio, Differential Equations, Calculus, Statistics